Buying in Cyprus

International Relationships: Cyprus enjoys very strong ties with the UK.  It is a republic based on a constitution written after independence from the British who still maintain Sovereign bases on the island. Human rights and private property are safeguarded by the constitution, and Cyprus is a member of the UN, the commonwealth, The Council of Europe and since 1/5/04 the EU.

Property Ownership: Buying property in Cyprus is relatively easy.  The law regarding buying property in Cyprus allows European Union citizens that seek to permanently reside in Cyprus and Cypriot origin people to buy unlimited properties for primary residence on the island.

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The island of sun

Location: Cyprus is in the eastern Mediterranean basin at the crossroads of the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Landscapes: Cyprus is having such a wide range of landscapes, terrains and paces of life within a relatively small area.  So whether you want a quiet mountain lifestyle in the Troodos Massif, or a villa with pool by the wonderful sandy beaches and warm clean blue waters, there is something for everyone in Cyprus.

Climate: Cyprus is renowned for its wonderful sun-filled climate, a mild winter, superb spring and autumn and a pleasant summer.  One can ski on the snow capped Troodos peaks in January and swim in 17° C of seawater on the same day.

Living Standards: Rents and food costs are substantially lower to those of Europe.  Dining out and entertainment, quality restaurants and hotels at very affordable prices are within most people’s budgets.

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